58703 SR 410 E
Greenwater, WA 98022
Phone: (360) 663-2235
Email: info@greenwaterskis.com
"Life is too short to ski on poorly tuned skis"
...anonymous fanatic

ServiceOriented in Greenwater

Greenwater Skis is a service oriented ski shop founded on the desire to produce the finest performance results from your equipment. Years of working with ski professionals, racers, and discerning enthusiasts have given proven results and satisfaction. Our technicians come from an extensive background within the ski industry, racing, and technical community.

Greenwater skis features machinery from Wintersteiger clearly the world leader in ski tuning equipment.

Stone Grinding

Stone grinder

Our Stone Grinding techniques produce a perfectly flat running surface with a proper base structure for the smoothest glide anywhere.

Ceramic Grinding

Ceramic grinder

Our Ceramic Disc Edge Grinder produces the finest edge treatment possible. This technology creates precise edge geometry and angles, as well as an absolutely smooth surface the entire length of the edge. Edge bevel combinations are possible to re-create the manufactures originally intended parameters, or to provide a customized tune to a skier's personal preference.

Ski Preparations

Our ski preparations are Hand Finished and waxed with race waxes for maximum glide from ToKo

Hours of Operation
Midweek by appointment